Lit Tuesday: To Have and Have Not

For our honeymoon, my husband and I went to south Florida. He had a bucket list item to go to the Everglades and do an air boat tour and I had a item to drive the Keys. We combined both into one trip and had a pretty great time! Since we were in Key West, … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: To Have and Have Not


Thirsty Thursday: The Brew Cellar

Things to improve upon: actually taking pictures of the places I'm going to talk about. I took one picture of the inside of The Brew Cellar, but then didn't take any pictures of the outside so people know what to look for. Ah, well. So, today, we decided to venture out to The Brew Cellar … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: The Brew Cellar

Lit Tuesday: Yona of the Dawn

Not everything I read is just a bunch of words on a page (and let's be honest, reading isn't ever just "words on a page"). When I was younger, I was really obsessed with manga and anime. I still really enjoy those mediums/genres, but not to the extent that it was before. One of my … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Yona of the Dawn

One Day, a Library: Top 5

The husband and I were watching A Series of Unfortunate Events the other night. A scene with Justice Strauss's library came up and I, of course, immediately started wishing I could have a library like that. (Of course I can't find a good image on Google, but if you've watched it, you know what I'm … Continue reading One Day, a Library: Top 5

Thirsty Thursday #1: Striped Pig Distillery

Okay, so this is a day late. But apparently with good reason as life is filled with funny coincidences. My husband and I decided to eat out tonight because we haven't gone out in a week. We are trying really hard to be better about spending our money and we have done fairly well in … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday #1: Striped Pig Distillery

Lit Tuesday #1: 2017 Reading Challenge

Alrighty! As promised previously, here's the first of the Lit Tuesday posts. One of the things I'm wanting to try out this year is this reading challenge. 25 books in a year and each one is different in some way or another. For people who know me, they know I'm a fast reader. (My personal … Continue reading Lit Tuesday #1: 2017 Reading Challenge