Thirsty Thursday: Coopers’ Craft

It's Thursday! Time for a new alcohol-related review. I use an app called Ibotta to get rebates on purchases at the grocery store and whatnot. Liquor stores are included, so when I saw it was $4 back on a bottle of something called Coopers' Craft Kentucky Bourbon, I figured, what the heck? Let's try it! … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Coopers’ Craft


Lit Tuesday: Burning Bright

I subscribe to a daily email from that alerts me to free or cheap (less than $3) ebooks that I can download for my Kindle. With the exception of probably two (soon to be three) series, I only download the ones that are actually free because I'm cheap and have too much left to … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Burning Bright

Lit Tuesday: Polynesian Books

I watched Moana over the weekend. I'll admit, I can't get the soundtrack out of my mind. The pacing of several of the songs is different from most other Disney soundtracks. The fact that the main character is portrayed by an unknown actress is really exciting, too--I think her voice is astounding. It also doesn't … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Polynesian Books

Thirsty Thursday: Trying New Things

It's only March 9th and I've had more things that I don't normally drink than I have had of my normal stuff. Well, kinda. It just feels like it. Rather than promote one thing, I'm just going to talk about the different things I've tried (well, the three different things, anyways). First up, on Sunday, … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Trying New Things

Thirsty Thursday: Frothy Beard 2.0

Next Tuesday is Miles's birthday (yes, I'm a month older; yes, we've heard all the jokes; yes, I've made some of those jokes), so, like any person would, I asked him what he wanted to do. He wants to go to Frothy Beard Brewing, which is a brewery that has taken one of the top … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Frothy Beard 2.0

A Return from the (Accidental) Hiatus

I promise that missing the last two weeks wasn't on purpose. This is going to be a more general "here's what has been going on the last two weeks" sort of thing. So, the week after my birthday: Lit Tuesday was missed because it was Valentine's. We didn't really do anything because we're broke adults, … Continue reading A Return from the (Accidental) Hiatus