First! (also Taking Stock)

So, here it is. The first post.

How does anyone ever decide what to put in one of these? You don’t want to make it too personal, but you don’t want it sound like an essay. I suppose, though, everyone has to start somewhere.

I’m still wrapping my head around what I want to do for this blog. I figured I’d start off aiming for posting two days a week. One day will be on writing/what I’m reading/things that are bothering me about my writing/etc. The other day will be concerning my reviews of local breweries, whiskys, bourbons, and whiskeys that I’ve had, and other alcohol-related thoughts (though I promise not to shame Hemingway by writing drunk; contrary to popular belief, he did not believe in writing drunk and editing sober).

I’m sure there will be a lot of general posts about my life, too. I have a great family, great in-laws, a wonderful husband, and two dogs, so you can imagine I have a ton of material concerning them. We’ll cover more on them later.

Without further ado, for my first post, I thought I’d do a list (grabbed from my sister’s blog, who grabbed it from here) taking stock of my current thoughts and situation.

  • Making: This blog, I suppose. There’s still a lot of planning and thought to go into it, but at least I finally took the first step.
  • Cooking: I’m thinking low carb stromboli tonight, but pretty much all the low carb things. It’s what works for me and I need to lose weight again.
  • Drinking: Water, coffee, herbal teas. As part of the weight loss initiative, I’m not really drinking a lot of alcohol right now. I do, however, have a bottle of John Barr (blended scotch whisky) that I got for the New Year’s. More on that later.
  • Reading: I just finished a fanfiction (yes, I am that much of a Harry Potter nerd) that was surprisingly excellent. I need to figure out what to read next. One of my Christmas presents was a travel guide to Ireland, so maybe I’ll read that and start taking notes.
  • Trawling: Pinterest, All Day I Dream About Food, and I Breathe I’m Hungry. I’m looking for low carb recipes all the time.
  • Wanting: A quiet, private place in the apartment to do yoga and work on things. Sitting in the living room gets tiring and it’s hard to do yoga via Youtube when there’s a puppy trying to play with you.
  • Looking: Amazon. Basically any time I think about something I could use (ramekins were the latest thing), I run to Amazon and add it to my Wish List so I can remember it later on.
  • Deciding: Our meals for the week. I have some meal planning to do when I get home, but we’re definitely going to be doing fish at some point.
  • Wishing: That we could be going to Ireland sometime soon.
  • Enjoying: My Kindle. I’m glad I’m really using the crap out of it, though I held out on getting any sort of an e-reader for a long time.
  • Waiting: To hear what job prospects may come through for my husband. The one with housing provided would be amazing.
  • Liking: This tomato and okra soup that we added venison to.
  • Wondering: Just how cold it’s going to be on Saturday. I think I’m going duck hunting with the husband, so if it gets as cold as they’re calling for, I’m going to have to make sure to dress warmly.
  • Loving: The idea of snow this weekend. We need some really cold weather here.
  • Pondering: How to best improve my attitude about certain things (like I can’t wait to get out of the place we’re in now). Thinking positive and being complacent are two different things.
  • Listening: Right now, I’m listening to a playlist of pop cello covers. Cello music is just so great for concentrating for me.
  • Considering: What I should drink next. Maybe an orange spice tea.
  • Buying: Nothing, really. There’s plenty we could/should get, but our wallets beg to differ.
  • Watching: Hopefully Sherlock Season 4, episode 1 tonight.
  • Hoping: That the husband gets the housing provided job.
  • Marveling: That there are people out there who are actually good with money. Tell me your secrets!
  • Cringing: I just got the news that I’ll be back to crossing the Don Holt Bridge (a.k.a. the Rainbow of Satan [thanks, random Redditor]) starting Feb. 3. That bridge is seriously terrible and no one knows how to drive around here.
  • Needing: All the Corgi things or this “Grammar Police” mug my little sister showed me (the inside says, “They’re there for their coffee”).
  • Questioning: What’s going to happen this year. There’s a lot ahead of us and a lot that we both want to do.
  • Smelling: My soup that I’m eating. Yum.
  • Wearing: A Guy Harvey t-shirt, Sperrys, and jeans. The usual.
  • Following: Brewpublik on Instagram. Even though I’m not ordering beers from them right now (see the whole cutting back for weight loss thing), I always enjoy seeing what they have.
  • Noticing: I do a lot of rambling and stream-of-consciousness. I’ll have to work on that in future blog posts.
  • Knowing: Things will get better eventually. One day, we’ll have space and we’ll be relatively debt-free.
  • Thinking: About dessert. My sweet tooth is already kicking in and I need to resist until I can get some dark chocolate.
  • Admiring: How some people always look put-together. This is something I’m just not focused on 24/7.
  • Getting: Groceries this afternoon.
  • Bookmarking: Pages in my Ireland travel guide this afternoon, I hope!
  • Disliking: Conflict. One of my favorite subs on Reddit had a bit of a breakdown last night, apparently.
  • Opening: A can of Altoids after I finish eating.
  • Giggling: At my coworkers. Slack keeps things interesting around here.
  • Feeling: Somewhat more focused today than yesterday.
  • Helping: My older sister pick out another name for her blog.
  • Hearing: Conversation from the coworkers while I eat my lunch
  • Celebrating: A new year full of potential
  • Pretending: That starting a blog is easy (no, really, this is a little terrifying. Let me count all the ways I can mess this up).
  • Embracing: The idea of blogging and using it to better myself (most people who know me know that I’ll get all the great ideas and plans and then never follow through. A friend once attributed it to being INFP, where I derive pleasure from daydreaming about things and thus consider the idea to be fulfilled).

Well, that’s the first post. I look forward to interacting with you all and listening to what your thoughts are!

Are you going to take stock of your new year?


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