One Day, a Library: Top 5

The husband and I were watching A Series of Unfortunate Events the other night. A scene with Justice Strauss’s library came up and I, of course, immediately started wishing I could have a library like that. (Of course I can’t find a good image on Google, but if you’ve watched it, you know what I’m talking about.)

I was surprised when my husband asked if that was the kind of library I wanted–with the wood paneling and the ladder that rolls around. Of course, I said, “Yes!”

He said, “I’m cool with that as long as I get a shelf.”

“Of course! We’ve got to have somewhere to put all the duck books and the natural resources books.”

Basically, I’ve been given a green light. I’m excited to at least be able to day dream about this, even if the library won’t come to fruition for a while. With that in mind, I present a Top 5 libraries I found on Google for inspiration.



I love the spiral staircase (be still, my heart), the ladder, the paneling–pretty much everything. All it needs is some furniture and a rug to make it cozy.



In addition to being obsessed with spiral staircases, I’ve always wanted a window seat/window nook to read in. This particular one isn’t something I’d normally go for, but I love how airy it feels. I do love natural lighting.



This one’s more modern, but I love the idea that it’s in a little nook and cranny with a room behind it. This is just cool. (Also, the lighting.)



This one is probably being a little more realistic. I’ll probably get one wall to do something like this, so one wall with some built in reading space would be amazing!



Last, but certainly not least, back to the traditional style. It’s warm, spacious, has a fireplace, and would probably get a bunch of good lighting during the day.

Yes, I definitely blame Beauty and the Beast for this obsession.

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