Thirsty Thursday #1: Striped Pig Distillery

Okay, so this is a day late. But apparently with good reason as life is filled with funny coincidences.

My husband and I decided to eat out tonight because we haven’t gone out in a week. We are trying really hard to be better about spending our money and we have done fairly well in the last couple of weeks (car taxes and getting Sophie spayed notwithstanding).

So, we went out to our usual neighborhood pub, Bucca’s, got some wings and tater tots (yeah, that wasn’t entirely low carb friendly, but my wallet outweighed my diet at this point), and then walked over to Tanner Hall Liquors in the same parking lot. Lo and behold, the owner of Striped Pig Distillery, Johnny, was in the store wrapping up a tasting.

Johnny is a great guy. We went to Striped Pig several months back two days in a row (that first day was so awesome and hilarious that we wound up dragging my parents and my older sister and her husband there the following day). From there, we’ve seen him around town occasionally, yet he still always recognizes us.

In honor of that spirit (har har, see what I did there?), I figured it was appropriate to make the first official Thirsty Thursday post about Striped Pig. Specifically, I’m going to review the gin that we bought tonight (although, honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the stuff they have).

First up, obligatory picture of a gin and tonic and the bottle:


(Yes, I may have poured us a drink each before taking this picture.)

Anyways! So, here’s my first disclaimer: I am not a gin person. Obviously the issue here is that I’m not a bad gin person because I sure do like this stuff! This gin has a lot more floral notes to it: there’s that typical gin taste up front of all juniper, but as this sifts over your tongue, you pick up more citrus and lavender flavors. It makes this gin incredibly smooth and easy to drink (which could definitely get you in trouble).

The fact that there is so much floral taste to it is, obviously, not for everyone. However, if you’re looking for an unusual gin that is still fantastic as a gin and tonic (see picture), get this stuff.

It ran $26.99 a bottle at Tanner Hall Liquors and is worth every penny.

Also, support your local businesses! After working at a local book store while in college, it definitely changed my perspective on how important it is to keep your money locally where you can. Knowing that I’m supporting my local community makes it even more worth it to purchase as much locally as I can.

If you have ever tried Striped Pig (shout out to their moonshine, which is the closest legally produced moonshine I’ve ever had similar to “the real stuff”), what did you think? Do you want to go and try their selections now?

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