Whisky Review: John Barr

So, I mentioned in my first post that I had a bottle of John Barr that I picked up. I decided to have a glass or two last night and that it was the prime opportunity to attempt to write up my first review for the blog!

First up, here’s a picture taken with my phone:


I really like the label, of all things. It’s clean, sharp, but still eye-catching. The bottle’s squared, too, which I think is cool.

I’ll be keeping my reviews pretty simple to start with. Once I’m better with picking up flavors in whiskys, they’ll probably get more in-depth. I’m better with beers and bourbons right now in terms of picking out flavors and tones.

Here goes!

  • Price: $27.99 at my local liquor store in Hanahan
  • Color: Amber, gold, very clear
  • Taste: Sweet, light smoke, slight vanilla (?)
  • Smell: Sweet, caramel, citrus spices, slight smoke
  • Thoughts: It’s really smooth up front and rolls across the tongue (without burning, all flavor),but then there’s the burn on the end at the back of your mouth and as it goes down your throat. It’s pretty strong at first, but as you drink more of it, you don’t really notice it. It’s not a bad whisky (especially since it’s blended), but I don’t think I’d get it again.

I also decided to give the “two drops of water” thing a try. Here’s how it changed:

  • Taste: Mellowed out flavors without watering down. Noticeably less burn, but also made it taste more acidic.
  • Smell: Mellowed out the smell, too, though I seemed to get more (what I suspect) could have been peat. There was, however, more of a burn than prior to added the water.

Overall, I think if this had been priced more in the teens, it would have made it more worth it to me. If I get blended whiskys, though, I’d pick something else. My husband also made the comment he thought it tasted more like bourbon than whisky.

Have you tried this before? What are your thoughts?



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