Unveiling the Format

Hello, all!

I think I have decided on a format for each week to focus on the main topics for Scrawl and Spirits: Lit Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday. The rest of the week is fair game.

Lit Tuesday’s self explanatory, I think. This is the day where I’ll be talking about what I’m reading, how my writing’s going, what I’m working on, interesting articles on books or upcoming book releases.

Thirsty Thursday will be discussing the alcohol side of things. Both are equally fun, but I’m really looking forward to improving my taste palate in this realm, as well as writing up reviews of local breweries and establishments for everyone.

Other than these two days, the other posts will probably be filled with more rambling (than normal, I suppose). Probably about my dogs, what we’re doing, maybe some football, and just griping about adulting.


I believe I mentioned in my long list of Taking Stock that I’m working on how to be a better adult and pulling my husband along with that. It has been difficult, but we’re making progress! We’re getting all our money put together and trying to pay better attention to budgets and actually sticking to aforementioned budgets.

We also have a couple of trips planned for this year that we’re wanting to make, so we need to save up for that. I have a friend getting married in Boca Raton this spring. We have never been there (though we’ve been by it when we ventured down on our honeymoon to the Keys), so I’m really looking forward to it. We’ll only take three days altogether, but I think we’ll have time to go around and do our own sightseeing around the wedding (which I’m sure will be in the evening). It’s going to be beautiful and I’m super happy for my friend!

We’re also looking at taking a road trip out to San Antonio to visit my grandmother and step-grandfather. It’ll be quite the haul, but we found out it’s cheaper to rent a car to drive out there and back for nine days instead of getting plane tickets for ourselves. I think we’ll be doing an extra day or two to maybe see a Texas A&M game, too (depending on tickets, of course). I’ve never really been to a big name college game and I have a good friend who went there, so it would be great!

Other than that, hopefully we can get a Western Carolina reunion with our friends at a Carolina Panthers game. That would be awesome, too.

Do you have any travel tips? Planned trips? Where do you most want to go in the world?


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