Thirsty Thursday: The Brew Cellar

Things to improve upon: actually taking pictures of the places I’m going to talk about. I took one picture of the inside of The Brew Cellar, but then didn’t take any pictures of the outside so people know what to look for. Ah, well.

So, today, we decided to venture out to The Brew Cellar in Park Circle. This place can be a little tricky to find, but it’s not that bad, promise. If you know where Fratello’s or DIG in the Park or Park Circle Creamery or LoLa’s are, you’re in good shape.

It’s in what used to be a little house, complete with a fence around the front yard. I suspect the upper story is still rented out or is used by the owner for an office, but the bottom floor is where the magic happens.


Every time we come here, it’s just really chill. You’ll notice a trend eventually, that my husband and I like to go to places that are more relaxed and not as busy. One reason for me is because being in such loud places is really hard due to my hearing aids. Listening takes so much more effort that it’s exhausting. My husband is just not normally a wound up person to begin with, so we love chill, quieter places.

There’s usually the same bartender when we’re there (I think his name is Adam). He’s always great about chatting a little and answering questions and giving recommendations, but he’s also really good at not being super pushy with talking. I definitely appreciate that sometimes.

Their prices are pretty fair, I think, and the selection is pretty good as well. This is where I discovered D9’s Viking Scottish Sour, which is currently my favorite beer ever. I feel like I pay about the same prices I’d get going to most other specialty beer stores, but this one has the convenience of atmosphere, being close to my house, and having beers on tap to enjoy as well. My husband and I have been known to wile away some time here.

While we were here today, I decided to try a Blueberry Petite Sour by Carolina Bauernhaus Ales.

It was quite enjoyable. It was really sour up front, followed by a tart middle, then a blueberry finish on the end. The color was amazing, too. I would have thought it was a cider to look at it, not  a sour!


My husband got a Venture American Stout by The Unknown Brewing Co. I tried a sip and thought it was really good, as well. It just had an interesting bitter finish to it that’s not usually expected with stouts (maybe I’ll blame that on trying it AFTER drinking some of my sour beer). Holy crap, the coffee in it was really strong, too. I probably could have sat there and just smelled the beer all day.

All in all, if you get a chance to swing by, go do it. They’re awesome.

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