Hello! I’m Hannah. I’m a technical writer striving to keep in touch with my creativity. As such, I wanted something to help me get into more of a schedule of dedicated writing. Thus, Scrawl and Spirits was born! I also thoroughly enjoy beer and bourbon, so I figured I’d share my passion for writing, beer, and bourbon with my readers.

I’m originally from North Carolina and  graduated from Western Carolina University in 2012 with a B.A. in English. Following graduation, I found myself in the Charleston, SC area . Here, I have been able to meet great people, enjoy terrific beer and awesome spirits, eat some fantastic food, and further develop my love of literature and libations. And Harry Potter.

I live with my husband (Miles), my Corgi (Remus; 5 years; told you I was obsessed with Harry Potter), and my husband’s Boykin Spaniel (Sophie; 1 year; duck dog in training). Our household involves a lot of stern talks with Sophie, beer, grilling, laughter, and ducks.