Thirsty Thursday: Scotch

As we’re all aware (maybe), it’s already March. I don’t know about you, but I associate March with a few things: Miles’ birthday (which is today), the color green, clover, and St. Patrick’s Day. By a leap in association, we can include Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales  in my list of things I think of with March. I already talked about Edna O’Brien. so now let’s move onto something that we all think of when it comes to Scotland: scotch. (Not exactly an Irish tradition, but we’ll get to those this month, too. I wanted to write about scotch for Miles today since he’s really into scotch right now.)

I’m not going to write up yet another “here’s the difference between whisky and whiskey”  (no, it isn’t just the “e”) and “here’s what qualifies as scotch” post. There are a ton of them out there and most of those people are infinitely more knowledgeable than me. I simply ran a Google search and found a few posts to read through to further my knowledge of scotch. Here’s what I read:

  • Vinepair’s Intro to Scotch 101: This is very simple and straightforward–an excellent starting point for a novice.
  •’s Scotch in 60 seconds: If you like videos, this is a short one to get you started.
  • Master of Malt’s area guide: I really like how they discuss the different flavors you can expect from different areas of Scotland. I knew the different areas had different flavors, but this is the first time I’ve seen them easily separated.
  • Scotch If you decide to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole, the official website of an organization dedicated to the heritage of scotch is a good place to go to.
  • Food and Wine’s difference between whisky and whiskey: for those of you feeling like going even further down the rabbit hole, this gets you started before you get into what the difference is between scotch, Irish whiskey, bourbon, rye, and Tennessee whiskey. Because there are differences there.

Miles and I are still novices when it comes to scotch, so we haven’t had that many so far. For the unaware: scotch can be quite expensive. Here are a few that I have had and kept track of via

I hope this has helped clear up some questions about scotch. I know it helped me a little! Next week, we’ll return to Ireland proper and discuss some beer or traditions they have.

(Pic taken by me when we were at the Casablanca cigar bar in Asheville.)


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