Lit Tuesday: The Lunar Chronicles

As we're about at the end of February, I thought I should review a book series I'm currently obsessed with--I mean, that fits the theme of love that is usually associated with February. And it doesn't get any more romantic than a fairy tale retelling! I forget exactly how I found out about The Lunar … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: The Lunar Chronicles


Thirsty Thursday: Happy Margarita Day!

Miles and I recently went to Asheville. I can't wait to tell y'all about the places we found there, but first, we have to celebrate National Margarita Day. I agree--I would have thought that National Margarita Day would be during a warmer month, since I always associate it as being a summertime drink. But considering … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Happy Margarita Day!

Lit Tuesday: Wildlife Authors

This past weekend was the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) here in Charleston. It has become a tradition for me, Miles, and my in-laws to attend this and get our fill of wildlife, conservation, and dogs. There are so many dogs there. It's fantastic. This year, I thought I'd try to pay attention and see what … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Wildlife Authors

Wordy Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine's to everyone out there. We didn't do much--we exchanged cards and I'm okay with that. We're simple people. So, yes, I missed my Lit Tuesday post yesterday. Shame on me. I should have planned better. Alas, I have a ton of deadlines at work right now and two weekends in a row of … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s

Thirsty Thursday: Ghost Monkey Brewery

Charleston is up to 24 production breweries now, I believe. We have made it to almost all of the ones with open taprooms (Edmund's Oast Brewing Company is the only one I can think of off the top of my head that we haven't made it to yet). I realized in looking at my previous … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Ghost Monkey Brewery

Lit Tuesday: Tangled Tides Review

First things first: happy birthday to my little sister! We can't celebrate together today, but we will in a couple of months. (Featured image borrowed from Now that it’s February, I figured my books this month to read and review should be related to love, romance, all that good stuff. I decided to start … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Tangled Tides Review

Thirsty Thursday: Blood Oath Pact #3

Miles and I went to Husk Restaurant in downtown Charleston for our anniversary back in October. I, sadly, do not have pictures of the food  because I had phone issues at that point. It was absolutely stupendous, though. We arrived before our reservation, so we decided to wait and have a couple of drinks at … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Blood Oath Pact #3