Wordy Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine's to everyone out there. We didn't do much--we exchanged cards and I'm okay with that. We're simple people. So, yes, I missed my Lit Tuesday post yesterday. Shame on me. I should have planned better. Alas, I have a ton of deadlines at work right now and two weekends in a row of … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s


Wordy Wednesday: Moon Magic

(Image found via Google and timeanddate.com) I thought I'd write something for the rare super blue blood moon eclipse thing going on this morning. This happened. I'm intrigued. I never considered a sort of re-write on this particular tale (I mean, you can't exactly top Sailor Moon). I did get a sort of Mother Gothel … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday: Moon Magic

NaNoWriMo: Day 1

I successfully managed to get up and write 1439 words. I'm going to write these short little posts with my favorite line of the morning as a way to help keep me on track. I'm going to try and still write actual blog posts, but I may wind up trying to focus only on NaNoWriMo. … Continue reading NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Wordy Wednesday: National Bourbon Day

Shameless promotion: My friends over at Blue Crater were running a promotion for a free graphic for your site, so I shamelessly (well, kinda) utilized their offer. Here's a shout-out to them (thanks for the graphic, it's awesome, and it's totes the best), but, seriously. I've been following their adventure on Instagram and the stuff … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday: National Bourbon Day