Wordy Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s to everyone out there. We didn’t do much–we exchanged cards and I’m okay with that. We’re simple people.

So, yes, I missed my Lit Tuesday post yesterday. Shame on me. I should have planned better. Alas, I have a ton of deadlines at work right now and two weekends in a row of busy things, so I’m working longer hours to give myself half days on Fridays to enjoy my weekends. I could have written on Monday night, but I needed a mental break. Much like tonight, but I’m in a better frame of mind now that it’s Wednesday.

Originally, I was going to post a short prompt about Valentine’s, but I decided to go ahead and provide you the list of books I was going to talk about yesterday. I thought I’d give the titles of three books I’ve gotten for free via Bookbub.com that were cute, fun, easy, romantic reads.

  1. The Last Single Girl by Bria Quinlan. Easy read, feel-good, and Disney sappy. It was a cute little read about a lady who had a month to find a date for her New Year’s Eve party with her recently matched up group of friends. She is the last single girl out of their group of six people or something like that.
  2. Truth or Beard by Penny Reid. The main character is in love with one twin when, surprise, she finds herself falling for the twin she thought she hated. A typical “opposites attract” plotline, but still cute and easy reading. Also, might have been very steamy.
  3. My Own Mr. Darcy by Karen White. Of course I have to include some sort of Pride and Prejudice spinoff! The main character is dragged to see the 2005 movie with Kiera Knightly and Matthew Macfayden and falls in love with Mr. Darcy (like so many of us). She holds all potential suitors against Mr. Darcy and rejects them if they don’t line up. Her roommate makes her a deal to give someone ten dates. She does, then a real-life Mr. Darcy appears. A love triangle ensues.

I thought about writing up a little story, but they tend to go long. Heh! Anyways, I found a short little thing I did with my writing group a couple of years ago. We were supposed to write something inspired by an instrumental piece. Of course, back to Pride and Prejudice we go. I wrote a piece set to Liz on Top of the World from the soundtrack of the 2005 movie. It’s a very romantic song, in my mind. So this is what came out of it.

She took another look at the man in front of her and embraced a few moments of clarity. She could count in all the ways (to take a cliche) that she loved this man. The way his hands were rough from work, the way that he had a dimple form in his cheek when he grinned, his way of calming her down by rubbing her back, his raspy voice, his steadfast devotion to those he loved.

All of these thoughts culminated together and made her step towards the man, that dimple showing again. She took in the sight of him with the sun in his eyes, making his brown eyes glow with an ethereal light, and the sun on his skin lent a rosy glow to his cheeks. Finally, finally, she could admit to herself that she loved him, no matter how much she tried to deny herself. Even if she wasn’t worthy of such a perfect human being for her, she would spend as much of her life as she could being a perfect person for him.

“You know, you’re just so perfect that it’s infuriating.” Her lips twitched into a smirk.

With a kiss to her forehead, he cheekily replied, “I know.”

Short and sweet. I hope everyone has a wonderful night!

(Image from Reflections of a Book Addict and Google.)


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