Wordy Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine's to everyone out there. We didn't do much--we exchanged cards and I'm okay with that. We're simple people. So, yes, I missed my Lit Tuesday post yesterday. Shame on me. I should have planned better. Alas, I have a ton of deadlines at work right now and two weekends in a row of … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday: Happy Valentine’s


Thirsty Thursday: Ghost Monkey Brewery

Charleston is up to 24 production breweries now, I believe. We have made it to almost all of the ones with open taprooms (Edmund's Oast Brewing Company is the only one I can think of off the top of my head that we haven't made it to yet). I realized in looking at my previous … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Ghost Monkey Brewery

Lit Tuesday: Tangled Tides Review

First things first: happy birthday to my little sister! We can't celebrate together today, but we will in a couple of months. (Featured image borrowed from Goodreads.com.) Now that it’s February, I figured my books this month to read and review should be related to love, romance, all that good stuff. I decided to start … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Tangled Tides Review

Thirsty Thursday: Blood Oath Pact #3

Miles and I went to Husk Restaurant in downtown Charleston for our anniversary back in October. I, sadly, do not have pictures of the food  because I had phone issues at that point. It was absolutely stupendous, though. We arrived before our reservation, so we decided to wait and have a couple of drinks at … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Blood Oath Pact #3

Wordy Wednesday: Moon Magic

(Image found via Google and timeanddate.com) I thought I'd write something for the rare super blue blood moon eclipse thing going on this morning. This happened. I'm intrigued. I never considered a sort of re-write on this particular tale (I mean, you can't exactly top Sailor Moon). I did get a sort of Mother Gothel … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday: Moon Magic

Lit Tuesday: Writing Progress

(Featured image appropriated from Google and netimperative.com). Originally, I was going to write up my review on Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. But I haven't finished it yet, so I can't exactly write a review. It's a little harder reading than I thought. This is my book for "read a book about an anti-hero" … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Writing Progress

Thirsty Thursday: Stillhouse Review

Before we go any farther on this, I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for packaging sometimes. That's exactly the reason why I picked this up at my local liquor store when the owner showed it to me. It wasn't obscenely expensive and I figured that, even if I didn't like it, I could at least … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Stillhouse Review

Lit Tuesday: Artemis Review

One of the items on my reading challenge is “read a book set on a different planet.” For this, I chose Artemis by Andy Weir (mostly because an online club I joined picked it to read for this month). (Also, a full reveal of the book list will happen eventually. I had to start over … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Artemis Review

Thirsty Thursday: Charleston List

As you might imagine, we have been to nearly all the breweries and distilleries in the Charleston area. There are a few places opening up that we'll get to and there are some places I need to go back and get a sticker for my brewery/sticker journal that I decided to start. (You know how … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Charleston List

Lit Tuesday: Places I Write

Although I haven't done much writing this year so far, I thought I'd talk about where I write and how I like to write. (I know, shocker, I'm still getting back into the swing of things following the new year. I have worked a little more on the fanfiction I've been working on forever. It … Continue reading Lit Tuesday: Places I Write