Thirsty Thursday: Blood Oath Pact #3

Miles and I went to Husk Restaurant in downtown Charleston for our anniversary back in October. I, sadly, do not have pictures of the food  because I had phone issues at that point. It was absolutely stupendous, though.

We arrived before our reservation, so we decided to wait and have a couple of drinks at the Bar at Husk, which is actually next door to the restaurant. Bar at Husk is one of the handful of whisky bars that we have in the area, so I was hoping to finally try to Pappy. For some reason, it is really hard to find this particular bourbon and people go nuts for it, paying several hundred dollars for it. If you can find it, it’s probably around $30 for a one ounce pour of it. It does alarm me that it’s so expensive, but I also want to see what the fuss is about. The people that I’ve talked to about it have been 50/50. Half say the price for one pour is worth it and the other half make suggestions about things that taste like it but are half the price. We’ll see if I ever try it.

As you may have gathered, Husk didn’t have it that night. Instead I was able to try this other bourbon that was very delightful. The bartender was really helpful in helping me identify tastes (as well as Miles–he picked out one or two when he took a sip that I didn’t realize or quite recognize). They also had distilled water and droppers to use in our whiskys. We both tried them before adding water and it really is surprising how much more flavor opened up after two drops of distilled water. It’s crazy.

Miles had a Laphroaig 10 year scotch (always an excellent choice). I had Blood Oath Pact #3. A description from the website:

“A masterful union of well-bred bourbons. Taking the lead is a far-from-shy, sharp and floral rye, finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for a dry, blackberry and espresso complexity. This, coupled with a well-seasoned, rye bourbon, rich with fragrant vanilla, toasted caramel, oranges and oak. Be grateful for this fateful affair between Kentucky and California.”

It really was excellent!


  • Price: $16 for 1 oz pour; $32 for 2 oz pour (believe me, one ounce packed a punch by itself)
  • Color: Rich amber, honey tones
  • Smell: Sweet oats on the nose
  • Taste: Smooth burn going down that lingers in the back of the mouth. Very pleasant sensation. Chocolate comes through when it rolls across the tongue. Slightly dry from the wine barrels.
  • Thoughts: I have no idea what a bottle of it runs for, but this would be something great to have as a fancy celebration drink to keep on the bar and drink once or twice a year. It was great.

Of course, my tasting notes and aroma are totally different from what’s on the website. Ah, well. Just proof I need to continue to get better at identifying flavors in whiskys!


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