Lit Tuesday: Writing Progress

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Originally, I was going to write up my review on Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. But I haven’t finished it yet, so I can’t exactly write a review. It’s a little harder reading than I thought. This is my book for “read a book about an anti-hero” on my reading challenge and…. the main character is 13 years old and pretty messed up in his drive for revenge. It’s interesting, though, so I’m going to keep plugging along with it.

Instead, I’m going to publicly shame myself into admitting I haven’t done much writing lately. A lot of my time has been going towards this blog instead. I’m doing stuff behind the scenes so that Scrawl and Spirits will look more professional (and you won’t have to type out all the time). I do have a goal to see this blog go somewhere, somehow.

That said, I haven’t devoted as much time to my stories as I should be (though I did finally write a little short fanfiction last week that I’m relatively pleased with).  Here’s where I’m at with my three main stories:

  • Utangard: The Norse mythology story that I have been writing forever. It’s still where I left it when I ran out of steam in November for NaNoWriMo. I’ll come back to it eventually. I always do. I figure that, at this point, I have a third to a quarter left to write to it. I’m getting close!
  • Order of the Elements: This is a Tales of Symphonia fanfiction that I’m resurrecting and rewriting, yet again. I think it’s on the fourth incarnation at this point. I’m starting to realize that I do this a lot–go through a few different variations of the same basic plot before I settle on one I actually like. Anyways, this is the story I’m actively working on right now. I enjoy writing fanfiction because it’s almost like a character study for me and, in turn, helps me develop nuances in my characters more. Once I start to understand how a certain type of character acts or behaves, it helps make it a little easier for me to write them in my original stories.
  • Yet Unnamed Post-Apocalyptic Story: I still have no idea what to title this. But this time of not-writing is actually be a good opportunity for me to work on this story. I have it all written down on paper and need to begin the editing process as I type it up. It’s easier to work when you have the first (terrible, terrible) draft. I should work on this in between the times when I’m not feeling motivated to write to my other stories–because at least that way, I’m still writing and working on something.

I actually feel a little better, coming clean with this! I needed to get my thoughts down about my stories to help frame what I’m trying to accomplish elsewhere with what I’m trying to work on. I’ll keep pushing through and maintain my progress.

If you’re looking for motivation and enjoy listening to music while you work, I’m currently obsessed with ODESZA. Electronic/ambient/a little singing. Good stuff and easy listening, in my opinion. Anyone have any other suggestions for good motivational music?


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