Lit Tuesday: Artemis Review

One of the items on my reading challenge is “read a book set on a different planet.” For this, I chose Artemis by Andy Weir (mostly because an online club I joined picked it to read for this month). (Also, a full reveal of the book list will happen eventually. I had to start over because I didn’t save the list I had 90% done and then my computer restarted.)

I have somewhat mixed feelings on this book. I enjoyed it, but I’m dissatisfied about a lot of it. I really enjoyed The Martian so I was hoping for more of the same in terms of the humor and the science and all that. We got that, but also with a dash of murder and a lot of innuendos.

The review below is what I shared with my online book club. I had to modify or delete part of it, though, because of spoilers.

Thoughts on Jazz: I see everyone is saying they really think she is unlikeable. She annoyed the crap about of me, but one thing I really appreciated was the fact that she was such a flawed, lazy, greedy, petty character. I mean, really, I spent a lot of time wondering if she was going to wind up being a villain because she was so ambiguous in her morals and her actions. She had a lot of one-liners that made me laugh (but so did a few others and maybe it shows my juvenile sense of humor, idk).

I was annoyed that she kept blaming teen her for all of her problems and that she wouldn’t actually do anything to help her financial situation that wasn’t outside of her plan that she had established. Also annoying was how the theme of sex ran through this whole book. I get that it’s supposed to be a frontier town and there’s always lawlessness and “den of sin” stuff going on, but it was kinda ridiculous. And odd, because, despite how much they talked about sex and innuendos, nothing ever happened. Was it all hot air on her part? I dunno. (I did see someone describe her as “Mark Watney in woman form” and now it makes me sad that it really all I can see. Because I think if you tried to read it on its own, she’s still that flawed character.)

Thoughts on the book: I really liked The Martian. But one issue I had with it was that once Mark started diving into why stuff worked, I kinda glazed over it. I don’t think I did that as much in this book, partially because it didn’t take pages at a time. I understand that Mark had only himself to talk to, but it made it easier for me to believe what was going on this time in terms of how Jazz broke stuff and fixed it. I didn’t really have any issues with the amount of crises in this book because it seems like that’s just the trend right now. “How can something go wrong? Well, how do we make it even worst? Alright! Let’s take that and make it the absolute worst thing ever!” I get it, you want to keep the story going and all that. [redacted some stuff here]

I think the thing that upset me the most was the ending. [way more redaction here]

I don’t think I’ll be rereading this book, but I don’t think it was wasted time. I do wonder if Andy Weir is planning on a sequel, with the way he left things, though. I suppose time will tell!

Have any questions for me about the book? Please ask away in the comments.


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