Thirsty Thursday: Charleston List

As you might imagine, we have been to nearly all the breweries and distilleries in the Charleston area. There are a few places opening up that we’ll get to and there are some places I need to go back and get a sticker for my brewery/sticker journal that I decided to start. (You know how some people collect stickers and put them on a refrigerator or something? I started that, then the fridge I was using was caught in the fire at work. RIP, little fridge. So I decided to do a journal instead, though I did consider canvases, too.)

Going to the breweries and distilleries is fun, especially because it often gives us a reason to go to a side of town we wouldn’t normally go. We don’t go to James Island or Johns Island that often because it’s a fair hike from the house (especially for my parents from their house) and most of our close friends live more on the mainland. The drives are beautiful, more often than not. Unless the brewery is in a warehouse or something, in which case, it’s always interesting to see what old buildings are around the warehouse–makes you wonder what businesses were in them and left them decrepit.

Without further ado, here are the places I have my eye on this year to visit:

  • Fat Pig Brewing out on Johns Island
  • Blue Root Brewing, but not sure where it’s going to be yet.
  • Blue Tape Brewing — that’s not going to be confusing. Don’t’ know where it’ll be yet.
  • Edmund’s Oast Brewing in downtown Charleston. Edmund’s Oast has been around for a while as a brewpub, but I haven’t been to the brewery side yet.
  • Dockery’s on Daniel Island. This place has only been open for a couple of months, but we haven’t made it out there yet.
  • Cannon Distillery in West Ashley. They make a corn vodka, apparently. Interesting!

I’m sure more will come on my radar as the year goes on. Every time we turn around, there’s a new brewery opening up. That’s not a bad thing at all!

(Picture taken by  me when Miles and I went to the Yorktown while we had all that snow.)


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