Thirsty Thursday: Boca Raton Breweries

This is a post that is long overdue. Last April, Miles and I went to Boca Raton, Florida, for a friend’s wedding. We had a great time and the wedding was beautiful and perfect for our friends. Naturally, while we were down there, we hit up a few breweries. One just happened to be two blocks down the street from our hotel. (No, that wasn’t planned–it was a happy coincidence!)


  • Funky Buddha Brewery: This place was amazing, to be honest. It’s in a little strip mall and doesn’t really look like it would be a brewery because it’s also a homebrew shop. They have hops and malts right there behind the counter for you to smell. Attached to that is the taproom with comfy chairs and friendly bartenders. (Actually, all the bartenders we had while we were down there were really friendly and happy to talk to us tourists.) Miles and I both got a flight (and the flight board was shaped like a Buddha), so I have seven beers checked in from them, but these were my top three:


  • Bangin Banjo Brewing: This brewery was a little more like what I expect from breweries at this point location-wise. They were in an industrial park and had an end unit. It was really cool when you walked in because there were beer bottles from all around the world up on the wall. I know we saw a couple of Highland Brewing bottles, but I think we even saw a couple from Holy City Brewing. The bar was also made out of one or two solid pieces of wood just cut in half. I think there was still bark on the sides of it (epoxy-d, of course). We actually showed up too early, so the owner that happened to be driving by talked with us for a minute and gave us a couple of cards for some money off of flights and directed us to a little taphouse restaurant across the industrial park where we could wait (more on that shortly). Here were my top three here:


  • It’s a CubanoB: The little taphouse we waited at. It’s actually the permanent location for a food truck. Sadly, Miles and I had already had lunch, but we compromised and had dessert and beer instead. Y’all. The dessert we had there was out of this world. Take a look at that picture up above this bullet point. Yup. A brownie with ice cream on top and a chocolate chip cookie with a piece of bacon and caramel on top. I don’t think I’ll ever stop raving about it. Oh, and I had a Spring Love Pale Ale by M.I.A. Beer (2.5 stars). It was a great stop and I would go there a lot if we lived there.

We didn’t get to as many breweries as we hoped for, but that’s why you go back and visit places! It’s always fun to stop in at breweries wherever you travel.

All the pictures here were taken by me.


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