Yet Another Goals for 2018 Post

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, whatever you celebrate, and a great start to the new year! My time off work was great, but nowhere near as productive as I had hoped it would be. It’s my own fault. It usually is. I had forgotten how nice it was to go to sleep when your body tells you to and to wake up when it’s ready to instead of to this really rough vibrating alarm stuffed in the pillow. (Trust me, I don’t need to use an actual loud alarm. The poor dogs would probably be extremely unhappy with me.)

I’ve been trying to think of what my first post of the year should be about. I suppose I’ll do the same thing as everyone else and do a sort of retrospective on 2017 and my intentions for 2018.

First off, dang, I should have posted yesterday. I made my first post on January 4, so I have now officially been doing this thing for a year. Last year was all over the map in terms of my content and schedule. I posted something at least once in ten months (skipped over August and September completely, but I blame that on buying a house). That’s not terrible, but it’s also not where I should have been. But for a first year, I’ll take it. I enjoyed writing up my reviews (of both books and alcohol) and doing this blog has helped me realize how to make time to get writing in around the rest of my crazy life. (Well, the blog and doing NaNoWriMo.)

Overall, I think I’m satisfied. 2017 was a crazy year in general for my life, but I’m making strides to recapture some of the hobbies and passions I had in my childhood and college. I’m not entirely sure how I got away from them in the first place, but we’re not here to talk about that.

So, all this said, what do I want to do for 2018? I’m not entirely sure yet! I received a handy-dandy planner for Christmas that will help me with planning content and goals for the blog. That should help me with one goal: get back to a consistent posting schedule. I’d like to return to reliable Lit Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday posts.

Even though I didn’t complete my 2017 Reading Challenge (I think I was thirteen books short), I still did a lot of reading. I’m going to attempt another reading challenge this year: the Popsugar 2018 reading challenge. I think several of the books I didn’t get to will translate over, so that means I’ll actually get to read them–just on a delayed schedule.

I’ll wrap this up here with three things I’d like to complete for the blog this year:

  • Start regular posts again on Tuesdays and Thursdays (doubling this with GET ORGANIZED)
  • Post at least two book reviews a month
  • Post at least two alcohol-related reviews (whether it’s beer or spirits or recipe)

It’s like they say, right? Set SMART goals.

Here’s to a new year, y’all!

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