Thirsty Post: Christmas Punches

Happy holidays! The holidays and work are getting in the way of my posting. Sorry. Well, and just generally being busy. Y’all know how it is at this time of the year.

We recently hosted a party for one of my teams at work. I made two different punches: an alcoholic one and a non-alcoholic one. They both seemed to be a hit, so I thought I’d post about them.

One was the  Fizzy Cranberry-Orange Punch from (which is where the picture for the header came from and is a depiction of it). I drank a little bit of this. While I enjoyed it, I think the Sprite made it just a little bit too sweet for me. I almost wonder how this would be as a shot to sip on. It was really pretty, though, and would have been even prettier had I not run out of time and actually garnished with oranges and lemons.

One thing that would be interesting to try is, rather than Sprite, maybe a citrus-flavored vodka or a sparkling water instead. Maybe even replacing the vodka with champagne or a prosecco would work. I still have enough stuff to make another batch (though I also still have a lot of it in the fridge), so maybe I’ll try it.

The non-alcoholic one I made required some inventive tweaking. It was the Sparkling Cranberry Punch from Taste and Tell (which is where the picture came from, as well.


One of the ingredients is pink lemonade. They, sadly, didn’t have any at the store, so I had to use plain ol’ frozen lemonade. I did try to give  it some of that pink lemonade taste by adding a splash of cherry sparkling water. I thought cherry would work better (and I’d actually drink it afterwards). I didn’t try any of this (but again, we have a bunch in the fridge, so there’s still time), but considering half the pitcher was gone by the end of the party, I’d say it seemed to be a hit.

I chose these recipes because they were really easy to throw together and also cheap. The cranberry juice was the most expensive part of both recipes (well, other than the vodka, but we already discussed changing that out). If you’re looking for a couple of crowd pleasers, I’d recommend these.

Does anyone have their own favorite holiday drink to share?


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