Lit Post: Keeper of the Peace

One of the items on the Reading Challenge this year was to read a book where the main character shared your name. I was originally going to read Thirteen Reasons Why but when Bookbub popped up with a free download of Keeper of the Peace, I decided to try reading that instead.

(Have I mentioned how fabulous Bookbub is, by the way? It searches for free and cheap ebooks for you and sends it in an email. Yes, I have gotten a lot of not-super-great-writing but simple/mindless books to read from it, but, hey, sometimes you want to read those mindless books. There have also been those pleasant surprises, like Burning Bright. Sign up for it. Get free stuff.)

So, Keeper of the Peace by Jennifer Malone Wright. When I first opened it, I noticed that this is actually the second book in the series. Sometimes you can just pick up what’s going on without reading the first book and sometimes you can’t. You can’t do that with this one. Well, you can figure things out in terms of the world and large plot points, but small, specific call backs to the first book lost me a lot.

The book starts off with Hannah returning a dish to a senior citizen at bingo in her small town in California, Summer Hollow. As she leaves the community center, she senses someone watching her and finds that it’s a Reaper (identified by his red aura). She immediately grabs the two knives she keeps fastened to her calves under her scrubs while she is at work. She explains that she is a Keeper, someone who protects the newly dead souls of people from Reapers, who eats said souls. Usually the two groups try to ignore each other to keep killing to a minimum.

However, that didn’t happen this time. Hannah confronted the Reaper, who wanted to kill her because her little sister, Lucy, is the Chosen One who will bring an end to all the Reapers as they know. Hannah and the Reaper start duking it out and Hannah winds up killing him. She panics and flees the scene without doing anything with the body.

From there, Hannah’s old flame, David returns to Summer Hollow to investigate a murder–the Reaper that Hannah killed. Hannah is a Medical Examiner and winds up being put on the case–yup, of the Reaper she killed.

I’ll stop there. The book itself was interesting. The characters are fairly fleshed out and different from each other and the romantic tension between David and Hannah drove a lot of the plot. However, while reading, I noticed that this particular version looked like it hadn’t been edited well (lots of typos and sentences with missing words). It also couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a YA or a paranormal romance. I think it was more paranormal romance (because there were some… rather explicit scenes in it), though. There was a lot of cursing in it. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it seemed forced, like it was trying too hard to be tough (though that was down to the characters, not the book).

Oh, by the way, there are seven brothers and sisters in Hannah’s family. I never could figure out the age range or which ones fell where in the line other than the oldest, Greg, and the youngest, Lucy.

It took me probably four hours to finish the book. I’m intrigued enough to go read the first one. Beyond that, though? I doubt I’ll finish the series. If you like paranormal romance, this is probably for you. If not, that’s cool because not everyone likes the same thing! You probably wouldn’t want to foray into paranormal romance with this book, though.


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