NaNoWriMo: Day 15

I manged to eke out 1200 words this morning. I’m struggling a little, though, because I have to fast and not drink coffee for my second attempt at a blood draw this morning. Work offers this incentive where you go get your blood drawn and run tests and they give you money in an HSA account or an additional check. I went and tried to do it last Friday, but my veins apparently don’t exist. So, fingers crossed I can knock it out this morning and stop fretting about it.

It was a bit difficult this morning, especially since I’m still mostly asleep. I’m falling behind a little, but that’s okay. I’ll catch up this weekend. My friend over at The Nifty Notebook and a couple of our other friends are planning on a write-in. Yes, we’ll all hang out, but focus on writing more so than hanging out–at least for a while. Hopefully, we will all maximize the productivity when we meet up.


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