NaNoWriMo: Day 11/12

First things first: thanks to all of our Veterans out there that have served so that we can have the freedoms we do. We would not be here as a country without all of you.

Now, to the actual writing update! I wound up only getting 300 words yesterday. I needed to do a lot of cleaning, then went furniture shopping with my mom and my older sister, and then had my parents and my older sister and brother-in-law over for dinner. It was busy. I had hoped to do some more writing in the evening and that just didn’t happen.

Today, I got around 1,900 words. I’ve been listening to this band called Wardruna that produces Viking music. It’s very helpful for inspiration and motivation! Listening to music in general tends to help me get lost a little easier in the world I’m writing.

Another thing that helps is having my  little sanctuary. The house we bought is four bedrooms, but two are really the only ones big enough to have beds in them. So, now I have one room that is mine and my husband has his. I’m loving having a refuge to go and (try) not get distracted. It has also been fun trying to put that together. Another source of inspiration!



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