NaNoWriMo: Day 10

This morning was exceptionally productive. I made it over a big hump and can now begin the transition to the next big plot point.

Today’s total: 4,411 words!

I’ve been writing for around 3 hours now. I should have stopped an hour ago to do some actual adulting, but, hey! Three day weekend for me. And this is a great start to it!

Two characters have found out they’re brothers. The plot point I just wrapped up was the two finding out who their parents are and how they died. I won’t say anything else because this post could be a spoiler one day otherwise!

Now I have to move onto the next stage of them finding revenge.

Researching Viking societal laws is a little confusing. It’s very different from our society, so I’m going to have to write down a lot of notes and fun stuff like that

Here’s to keeping the momentum going!


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