NaNoWriMo: Day 9

I did a little over 1000 words this morning. Tomorrow should be great since I’ll have the day off for Veterans Day.

The main challenge this morning was remembering to write “Jarl” instead of “Lord” for a new mini-villain that was introduced. That’s also another reason why I’m suddenly writing so slowly, I think. I’ll write something and then think, “Wait. Is that even something that existed in the Viking culture?” And then I have to go research it.

For instance, inns. I’m not sure that the concept of an inn was present at any point in the culture’s existence (need to do more research on that), but I’ve been using them throughout the story because I’m so used to the idea of one that it’s strange to think there wouldn’t be something like that.

The main character, Eira, is also a singer (that’s how she makes money to travel and stay in inns). I’m not sure if singers (called skalds for the really good ones that performed for Scandinavian and Icelandic courts and composed music) were actually paid money for doing the “wandering bard” thing or not. (Yup, more research forthcoming there, too.)

I have to keep reminding myself not to get too distracted and that I can change things in the next few drafts to make it more accurate, but then I also think to myself, “But it’s my story, dangit, and I don’t have to make it conform that much!”

But I also know if I don’t, it’ll wind up bugging me/getting historians mad at me because I didn’t do something right. Ah, well.


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