Thirsty Thursday: SNAFU Brewing

I mentioned previously that Miles and I recently bought a house. It’s in a different area of town than we lived previously, so we’re getting used to finding places to go, where the best happy hour deals are, where the best food is, and all that good stuff. Our previous area of town was very convenient to Park Circle (our favorite little downtown/restaurant/walking area) and a straight shot to the grocery store and restaurants around there. While we’re still figuring out the restaurant situation (though this is actually good because it helps us not spend extra money eating out), there is one thing that the new house has the old place didn’t–a brewery within five minutes of us.

Yup. Consider us in trouble. The best thing is that it’s a great brewery, too.

SNAFU Brewing has been in the North Charleston area for a little over a year now. I had been once previously with my dad and the little sister’s fiance over the summer. (We went on an adventure to try a couple of new breweries in one day.) I thought it was a cool place then and it really felt like how Frothy Bear did before they moved to West Ashley–the whole in-a-warehouse-kinda-MacGuyvered-together sort of feel. Their warehouse is quite a bit larger than Frothy Beard’s was, though, which is great. They’ll have a good amount of room to grow while having space for the tap room to stay the same size.

It’s vibrant in the tap room, though. The tables are all different colors (think primary Crayola colors) and the top of the bar is covered in a print of rap and hip-hop albums (see title image). There’s an area by the bar to play cornhole or ping pong and they have a lot of board games too. When you go to the bathroom, you’re escorted by the Spanish Inquisition from Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part 1. This brewery is so much fun.

Now, the important part! How’s the beer? It’s quite good. Out of the 10 I have had from there, only one was rated at less than 3 stars. Actually, out of 10, I have three 4 star ratings. That’s impressive, in my mind.

Shadow of Death (by Irish Whiskey, Coffee, and Cocoa Nibs) is the one that I’ll anxiously have to await them to maybe reproduce. While they have a few flagship beers (the Shadow of Death, Snafu-Tang, and Kinky Lola are three of them), they do a lot of one-off beers where they make enough for one keg. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I keep hoping they’ll do another version of this Shadow of Death brewed with oak chips soaked in Irish whiskey, coffee, and cocoa nibs, but we’ll have to keep waiting and see.

Kinky Lola is another 4 star for me. It’s a dark sour ale aged with cherries. You get a black cherry taste out of it. It’s tart and sour and a little sweet. This one is usually one of my go-tos when I don’t know what else I want to drink there.

The last one is the Snafu-Tang with Lime. I may have mentioned before that I love Westbrook Key Lime Pie Gose. I actually think the Snafu-Tang with Lime is right up there with it. With the Key Lime Pie Gose, you get a graham cracker crumb taste out of it along with the key lime, so it really does taste like a key lime pie in liquid form. The Snafu-Tang with Lime was just straight lime, citrusy flavors. It was the right amount of tart to where it wasn’t overwhelming and was supremely drinkable. I’m not sure that they run this one that often, but I hope they do.

So, if you’re in the Charleston area, give SNAFU a little love. They’re an awesome brewery in a weird place, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them.

(Sadly, once again, I don’t get paid for these reviews and do this on my own. I lifted the header image via Google since I don’t think I have any pictures myself of the brewery.)


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