Thirsty Post: Untappd

Some of you may already know about this app. If so, you should share you username with me if I don’t have you as a friend. For everyone else, Untappd is the handy app I use when I’m trying new beers. It’s essentially a beer journal in app form.

I learned about this app from a couple of friends at work back in February 2014. Since then, I’ve been able to look for beers that I have had, track what I didn’t like (because if I did like it, then I’ll remember it), and work on getting badges (which ranges from how many of a certain style you’ve checked-in to a certain combination of beers resulting in a badge to attending events). When you check-in a beer, you rate it out of five stars, take a picture, and type out some thoughts on the notes and all. From there, friends can comment if they hated the beer or liked it and what their thoughts were. The tagline for Untappd is, after all, “Drink Socially”.

Miles and I recently met a person at a brewery who announced themselves as a beer snob and proudly proclaimed they had been drinking craft beer for a little over a  year and now worked part-time at a brewery in the Charleston area. We realized upon talking to him that we’ve really been drinking craft beer for about six years now. After all, going to school at Western Carolina University and Haywood Community College put us in close proximity to Asheville, one of the cities that helped spark the craft beer movement.

If I had Untappd back then, it would be cool to see what the very first craft beers I had were. I’m reasonably sure the very first one I had was Highland Gaelic Ale (and it was all downhill from there). As it is, looking back at the app, my first check-in was to Freehouse Brewery’s Ashley Farmhouse Ale. (I gave it 3.5 stars out of 5.)

It’s funny to go back and see what I have rated highly. I don’t give out many 5 stars anymore (if at all, actually), but I have apparently given out five. One to Thomas Creek River Falls Red Ale (which I wouldn’t do these days, so I must have messed up that check-in), three to Highlands beers (Oatmeal Porter, 20th Anniversary Scotch Ale, and Gaelic Ale, which really gets 5 stars because of nostalgia), and Palmetto Brewing Espresso Porter (which is good, but I’ve had much better ones since then). I’m a harsh critic.

Untappd has also been rolling out some cool functionality. Like Facebook, breweries can now set events using the app or website and push those updates to your phone. Likewise, they can also become an Untappd-verified venue with a beer list that updates in real-time (or, y’know, when someone updates it on their end). I’ve learned about beer events this way and via Facebook more so than on brewery websites.

I know there are other apps out there to rate beers, but I have the investment of time in this app! Also, this hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Don’t fix what ain’t broke and all that.

Two notes: I’m (unfortunately) not getting paid for this post and I grabbed the icon from, which seems amusing.


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