Thirsty Thursday: Starting a Charlotte List

Some of you may know that my little sister recently moved back to Charlotte to live with her fiancé, who will be working in Uptown doing pretentious economic and math-related  things. (Just kidding, I promise I actually like him. But seriously.)

So, even though my in-laws live in Mooresville, with my sister and her fiancé living in Matthews, it’s giving us another location that we can easily get to, explore, and hopefully visit on the cheap. The last couple of times, we have made it to NoDa. Anyone who knows breweries knows that NoDa is the most popular place to go right now in Charlotte to find breweries. (NoDa stands for North Davidson, as in North Davidson Street.)

I figured, though, that we should be able to find some breweries, cideries, or distilleries a little closer to where the two of them live. As my research has determined, there’s a lot. Like, a lot within 30 minutes of them. I picked out these five just to vary what we try.

  • Distillery: Great Wagon Road Distilling. Miles and I stopped at Olde Mecklenberg Brewery to meet up with a friend of mine. While we were there, we walked over to Sugar Creek Brewing as well. Sugar Creek Brewing is right beside of Great Wagon Road. We didn’t go in and try it, but we know where it is next time we want to!
  • Distillery: Dragon Moonshine. Last time I was up, I met up with some good college friends and we went to Birdsong and Heist in NoDa. When we headed north to get to Heist, I saw this place and knew I would have to go back.
  • Cidery: Red Clay Ciderworks. I’ve been to maybe one place actually dedicated to ciders. And I know the little sister’s fiancé likes ciders, so this would be a really good place to investigate (hint hint, nudge nudge, Gavin).
  • Brewery: Wooden Robot Brewery. I’ve heard of this brewery several times now, though I don’t think I’ve had any of the beers. I’m intrigued! Plus, the name is great.
  • Brewery: Barking Duck Brewing Company. This is in the opposite direction of all these other places, as it’s in Mint Hill, but we can’t NOT go. Miles will want to go based on the name alone (remember, dog crazy AND duck crazy).

Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to report back as I go to these places.


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