Thirsty Thursday: Top Five Goses

Most people who have been with me to breweries lately know that sour beers are my jam right now. They’re tart, they’re a little sweet, and they’re refreshing. Best of all, they’re sipping beers. They’re beers that you really want to take your time and savor all the flavors. Even though this weekend is going to be perfect from the sounds of it (hello, highs in the 70s), I figured I’d share what I have rated highly on Untappd in case anyone’s looking for something lighter to drink in the upcoming hot weather.

Now, to define gose beers (which, that’s apparently pronounced “gohz-uh”, not “gohz-ay” like rose wine), we’ll go straight to As they have it defined, a gose beer is:

An old German beer style from Leipzig, Gose is an unfiltered wheat beer made with 50-60% malted wheat, which creates a cloudy yellow color and provides a refreshing crispness and twang. A Gose will have a low hop bitterness and a complementary dryness and spice from the use of ground coriander seeds and a sharpness from the addition of salt. Like Berliner Weisse beers, a Gose will sometimes be laced with various flavored and colored syrups. This is to balance out the addition of lactic acid that is added to the boil.

Several of the beers I have had have been very much sweet and salty. For instance, this first one:

  1. Briney Melon Gose by Anderson Valley. Yes, that’s the brewery where they have the bear with deer antlers (hence, it’s a “beer” and shoutout to one of my friends for pointing that out to me). There’s so much watermelon, so much tartness, and a wonderful salty finish that really emulates taking a big bite of salted watermelon.
  2. Gose from Hi Wire Brewing in Asheville is a really solid gose. If it says anything, I managed to get the Six Pack badge (where you drink/check in six beers in a row) on Untappd with this stuff. It’s sour, but not over the top, making it much easier to drink. I seem to remember a fair amount of citrus and a slight salty finish.
  3. The Ocean Swallows the Sun from Burial Beer Company, also in Asheville. When we took refuge from Hurricane Matthew, we met up with my aunt and uncle in Asheville and they took us brewery hopping. (Half pours are your friend.) I had this beer during that brewery hopping. The description says it has hibiscus and rose hips, which is probably what made me want to try it. I remember a faintly floral taste to it, but it wasn’t overpowering (or at least I assume it wasn’t if I rated it a 3.75 out of 5).
  4. Sugarbaby from Revelry here in downtown Charleston. If you stop by, definitely try to get to the new rooftop bar. It’s awesome. My exact words for this beer are these: “Like a warhead sour watermelon with a lot of salt!” This is probably a one and done beer, though. If you don’t like sour, you don’t want to sit there and drink it all day.
  5. Key Lime Pie Gose by Westbrook. I try not to be a fangirl about beers, but this one and D9’s Viking Scottish Sour Ale just get me. I go nuts when I see them. (The sour ales will be compiled in a separate list). This Key Lime Pie Gose is seriously like drinking a key lime pie. You get all the tartness of a key lime tempered with that graham cracker taste. It’s light, it’s refreshing, and it’s supremely drinkable. Does Westbrook know they’re onto something? Why, yes. They have a Margarita Gose variation that I also really like. They also price accordingly. These are limited annual runs, so you can’t get these year round.

What do you think? Have any suggestions on some goses for me?

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