Thirsty Thursday: Italian Drinks

Miles and I are currently obsessed with watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown show on Netflix. It keeps giving me such wanderlust and it’s inspiring the same in Miles. After some discussion, I managed to get a list of our top five countries we’d want to visit in Europe. These were ranked basically by the food we want to try, with history a second reasoning. I wouldn’t call us “foodies” but we definitely have a strong appreciation for good food.

That said, we also, of course, would love to try the varieties of alcohol that these countries are known to produce as well. I mean, who wouldn’t love to try wine in a French vineyard (or, okay, fine, California vineyard, too)?

Italy is the first country we’d like to try to get to. With that said, here’s five drinks I want to try when I’m there:

  1. Limoncello. My parents have neighbors who made some limoncello that was delicious. I think it’s a perfect summertime drink, too. Tart, light, and refreshing.
  2. A Bellini. The first time I had one was the first time I tried on wedding dresses, I think. The shop was having some sort of a trunk sale and they served bellinis to all the brides and guests while fancy dresses were tried on.
  3. A pinot grigio wine from northeastern Italy. I’m not picking out a specific wine for this, just a type. Pinot grigio is one of the few varieties of wine that I really like.
  4. Based on this article, I want to try this La Luna Rossa. It’s a sour beer. I am really enjoying those right now (much like thousands of other Americans).
  5. While I’m not totally sold on trying it, I’d still have to try grappa. I’ve been told it can be very strong, though. I’ve also been told there’s some pretty bad grappa out there. Hopefully I can actually find some good stuff.

I know. We have our priorities in order. The rest of the list for European countries to visit will be covered, too. There are just so many amazing places to go to and things to try and never enough money. That’s why we set goals.

Next time I do one of these, I’ll talk about France.

Until then, ciao!


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