Thirsty Thursday: Trying New Things

It’s only March 9th and I’ve had more things that I don’t normally drink than I have had of my normal stuff. Well, kinda. It just feels like it.

Rather than promote one thing, I’m just going to talk about the different things I’ve tried (well, the three different things, anyways).

First up, on Sunday, I went over to my parents’ house. Mom picked up some mead for us to try, so we tried two different bottles. First up was Kurt’s Apple Pie from Moonlight Meadery.


When I checked it in on Untappd, I was really surprised to see that it’s classified as a cyser. I hadn’t ever heard of that before.

As unsurprising as it might be, it turns out that there isn’t just mead–just like there isn’t just beer. Cyser is one of the types you can create, like a stout, an IPA, a porter, and so on. A cyser mead, however, is a mead (which is made with honey, by the way) that incorporates hard apple cider in it. See, you can learn something new every day.

Anyways, back to the mead. It was really sweet. Dad said he could really taste the alcohol in it (not surprising at 14% ABV). Mom and I both tasted more of the apples and the sweetness than the alcohol though. The color is gorgeous, though. It’s like a honey-tinted apple juice. Oh, and with both of these, while I didn’t get a lot of honey, the texture as you swallow is what was most reminiscent of honey, to me.

The other mead we tried was Fling Strawberry Rhubarb Mead, also from Moonlight Meadery. They apparently produced the world’s number one mead this past year or the year before and it’s easy to see why.


(Yes, that’s Nikolai’s head in the background. He’s good at creeping.)

This one is classified as a melomel, which is mead with honey and fruit. Remember cyser up above? That is actually one of the two types classified under the melomel variety. (The other one is pyments, which is mead made with honey and wine grapes.) As there’s apparently not a specific type for mead made with strawberries or rhubarb, it gets tacked with the melomel label.

I think I preferred this one better. The sweetness from the strawberries was balanced out with the rhubarb and you still got the little hint of honey and the honey texture. It was a lot more refreshing than the apple pie one.

The last thing I tried was last night for Miles’s birthday. We went to a local sushi place with some friends. One of them treated us to a half carafe of apple sake. Now, I’m not especially a sake person. I did really enjoy the pear and chai infused sake at Locals before, but the other sake I had was… interesting.

This stuff was really good, actually. It was also the first time I had had hot sake, so that may have made a difference. Maybe I should keep with the flavored sake first before perusing straight sake. Who knows?

Anyone have any suggestions for mead or sake they like?


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