Thirsty Thursday: Frothy Beard 2.0

Next Tuesday is Miles’s birthday (yes, I’m a month older; yes, we’ve heard all the jokes; yes, I’ve made some of those jokes), so, like any person would, I asked him what he wanted to do. He wants to go to Frothy Beard Brewing, which is a brewery that has taken one of the top three slots for our favorite breweries in the area.

I can still remember the first time I went. I managed to snag two Groupons for a two-for-one tasting and went with Mom, Dad, and my (now) future brother-in-law, Gavin. It was around Christmastime, maybe in 2014. My little sister was probably working, which would have prompted Gavin to join us on the excursion.

I forget who said the place had a MacGuyver feel to it, but it did. The brewery was set up in a small warehouse, on the end of the unit, with the brewing system within spitting distance of where you sat, enjoying your beer. There were troll dolls all over the place and they had a bunch of retro gaming posters, too. The tables were fold-out picnic tables and the chairs were folding chairs (okay, I’m fuzzy on that detail).

The tap handles, though, were the bomb. They were hand carved by someone locally and each one was different, though they all had, of course, a long beard on it.

I will admit that I remember not being super overwhelmed by their beer. I really wanted to like the Peppermint Porter, but it was missing something (maybe a little too syrupy or something). From that initial tasting, though, I did discover what has been my go-to beer for them: the Zingiber, now renamed Jetty Ginger Pale Ale.

We eventually made it back (with Miles in tow) and, I dunno what happened, but those guys figured it out. I have really enjoyed the beers they have and their slogan, “We Brew Adventure”, is highly appropriate. They have some pretty crazy beers that somehow work and work well.

Miles and I have been going there for a while now. Ryan knows us (shout out to Zombie Bob’s Pizza, owned by Ryan) and we always have a great time hanging out with him and his Australian Shepherd, Turk.

Side note: I had Zombie Bob’s back when the food truck was around and those slices are HUGE. Like, the one I had was bigger than the seven inch tablet I had with me. And it was delicious.

So, the years have rolled on and the Frothy guys have now outgrown the original MacGuyver warehouse. So, we visited them on their last day (it was our reward to ourselves for helping my older sister and brother-in-law move into their new house) back in February and have now been anxiously awaiting them to open in their new, bigger location. Apparently, it’s going to be the largest taproom in Charleston.

They’re aiming for the week of March 6th. Miles’s birthday is March 8. Fingers crossed we get to make it out there!


This was probably a pour of either the Zingiber/Jetty or the Holy Water Saison. It was hot that day. We also totally kept the cups (thanks, guys!).


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