A Return from the (Accidental) Hiatus

I promise that missing the last two weeks wasn’t on purpose. This is going to be a more general “here’s what has been going on the last two weeks” sort of thing.

So, the week after my birthday: Lit Tuesday was missed because it was Valentine’s. We didn’t really do anything because we’re broke adults, but the husband gave me some new tulips to potentially kill/cherish their bulbs forever and he got nectarines and Snapple Peach tea. We’re simple people.

Thirsty Thursday was missed because my in-laws came into town that night and kicked off the weekend of the Southeastern Wildlife Expo. We’re all conservationists and we all love wildlife, so we go to the expo. This was actually the fourth year in a row I’ve been with my in-laws. The husband has only been two years in a row now because he was in South Dakota the first two years. It was a great time at SEWE, though. Everyone loved on Remus the Corgi and Sophie the Boykin (yes, those are hashtags on Instagram) and Sophie was even shown off a little during the retriever demos at Brittlebank Park.

Well, while the in-laws were down, my father-in-law had a cold, which we may or may not have caught, which led to the not-posting of the following week.

Missing last night’s Lit Tuesday, sadly, was just pure forgetfulness. I got home and wound up taking longer to cook dinner than I thought.

So, hopefully I’m back on a more reliable schedule now, though we’ll see how going to the gym works out for me. The recreation department in town has a great deal ($50 for a year for residents!), so I’m going to give it a shot. Maybe I’ll try to make a third post every week talking about what I’ve been attempting to do.

All that said, I’ll be back tomorrow with something for Thirsty Thursday. I’m not sure what yet, but I’ll figure it out.


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