Thirsty Thursday: Impero Pinot Grigio

My birthday was on Monday (I’m now solidly in my late 20s, nbd) and my mom gave me a bottle of pinot grigio. See, I’m not much of a wine drinker, but when I do drink wine, it’s pinot grigio. I like that it’s sweet and tart, yet a bit dry at the same time. I’ve also gotten a little lucky in that it’s actually a pretty good one to drink in terms of carb/sugars if you’re on a low carb diet (which I need to do better about. Again.).

So, I submit my first wine review on the blog, as disappointing as it will be. I’m also trying to refine my palate for wines (like I’m still struggling a bit with spirits), so this is a little lackluster compared to how my beer reviews will be. First up, a picture:


My sister over at The Indigo Lattice gave me the owl bottle stopper, if I remember right. I do like owls a lot. Here are my thoughts on the wine:

  • Color: I love the beautiful pale gold color. It’s delicate and just pretty.
  • Smell: Sweet, tart, and reminded me a bit of white grape juice.
  • Taste: It’s mellow as it slides over your tongue and you get the tart taste on the back (where the bitter taste buds are, anyways, I think). It’s fairly dry, not overly so. There also isn’t a harsh alcohol/vinegar taste to it.
  • Chilled: I attempted to chill it to see if it made a huge difference. It didn’t, not completely. It was refreshing trying it chilled, but all it really did was make it sweeter.

Overall, I think I give this a 6/10. It’s good to just have a drink with or keep on hand, but I wouldn’t bring it out to celebrate with.

Either way, it’s always easy to enjoy a gift. It’s nice to change up what you’re drinking sometimes!


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