Lit Tuesday: Abandoned by the Muses

Last Saturday, my friend over at The Nifty Notebook and I attended an all-day class on, basically, how to get self-published and be successful at it. It was a great class and worth the time. The instructor had a lot of knowledge and was pretty good at toeing the line between “this is the blunt reality and you better accept it now” and “but it is still possible as long as you’re willing to work hard and put time into it!” (so we wheeled between those two emotions pretty much all day).

It really got me thinking on what I want to do with my stories, though. I currently have two major ones in progress (and have had them in progress for a couple of years now). One story came out of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) back in my senior year of college, so it would have been November 2011. The other one has been in progress since… I’m not sure. I have been endeavoring to write it since college, probably, and finally settled on an introduction and premise for it when I moved to South Carolina in 2012.

… Okay, apparently, I’ve been working on these stories for more than a couple of years.

It’s my own fault for not being more willing/able/having the backbone to carve out time in my schedule. I also like to conveniently blame my muse for abandoning me.

See, this is pretty much my writing style: get an idea and start writing to see where it goes. I don’t usually plan and I don’t typically have an ending in mind. I just get an idea and want to see where it goes.

If you’re a writer, you may see the flaw. Once I run out of steam, I’m left floundering and unsure where to go, despite wanting to continue with the story.

Eventually, I’ll be struck with an idea of where to go next/how to end the thing/remember some of my original idea and write it down. From there, I’ll research the crap out of things, getting distracted by the research for the story instead of just writing the shitty first draft (thanks eternally for that phrase, Pam) like I need to.

For instance: the NaNoWriMo story I mentioned earlier that I started? I really enjoy/ed writing it, but because it’s essentially a reinvention of Norse mythology. Once I finally figured out how to end the story, I wound up doing a lot of research because of the depth of reimagining the mythology. The research then distracted me. What I need to do is finally sit down and just write everything down and then go back and fix the story after I’ve done ample research.

I’m a little closer to finishing the other story (maybe? I think?), which is a post-apocalyptic story based off one line I heard in a documentary one time: something about being on the edge of radiation if Betelgeuse were to ever explode. I have a LOT of research to do for that one, but have more or less managed to restrain myself to only researching mythology around Orion to start with. Either way, I have GOT to sit down and just start writing. Otherwise, I can’t get published.

I have the resolve. Now I have to act upon it. Until I do, I leave you with this parting graphic, hastily thrown together from Pixabay, Picfont, and my own words that came to me. (Hey, it’s known to happen!)



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