Thirsty Thursday: COAST Brewing

I met some of my coworkers/friends at COAST earlier today. It’s always a great time meeting up with them.

COAST itself is pretty awesome, though. I wrote down a whole bunch of notes about it, so we’ll see what gets incorporated into it.

First, a picture.


So, here are the thoughts I jotted down:

  • Outdoor seating; hard to feel crowded
  • Parking isn’t an issue (there’s a whole field to park in by the tidal creek)
  • Used to be dog friendly (we were pretty sad to hear this, but safety of the staff comes first!)
  • Brewvival, local involvement (COAST hosts Brewvival every year. It’s a fantastic beer festival and I’ll go back…. Eventually. The ticket prices keep rising, so it’s not really financially feasible at the moment.)
  • Small selection, but everything has been great. (They have maybe seven taps to choose from, but all the beers they have are solid.)
  • Adirondack chairs, planters for flowers make it feel inviting. (The outdoor seating has picnic tables in addition to the camping chairs on the loading dock and the Adirondack chairs. It’s wonderful. Plus, I’m not 100% on this, but I think some of the stuff they have in the planters go into the beers. That’s awesome if that’s the case.)
  • Relaxed, laid back. Fair amount of tourists. (I think Westbrook, Holy City, and COAST are the three most well-known breweries in the area, thus inviting tourists.)
  • Gnats. (They’re on a tidal creek off the Cooper River. If you’re bothered by bugs, don’t bother. Otherwise, it’s a great place.

My overall favorite beer has been the 32/50 Kolsch. In fact, there’s a picture of me drinking it at our wedding somewhere. So, yeah.

My thoughts: for some solid, fantastic beer, go to COAST. If you’re not willing to deal with being outdoors, don’t bother and miss out.


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